A community leader & advocate for social justice running for PCC Board Zone 7.

Reiko for PCC
April 2021


Reiko Mia Williams is an experienced school administrator and an advocate for justice in the school system based in Beaverton, OR who was running for Portland Community College (PCC) Board in the Zone 7 region.

When I was approached to work on this project of developing a brand identity and develop a web presence through a website detailing her mission, values, and journey, I was very excited as at the time I was a student at PCC and wanted to support leaders for my school board.

The goal for this project was to create a brand that feels at home with students at Portland Community College as well as show emphasis on collectiveness, safety, and equity.


Because the opponent had already a presence online and was very known around the community, we had a limited timeline and budget to start. This became apparent when we had full-fledged elements and had to go back and change and evolve the brand as through the race, different priorities became more important.


Setting expectations and transparency with the work process with the client as well as having a clear message on the different materials and events happening was critical. This meant that which different features and design elements there was a clear idea and focus. This also meant that the client was more confident with my decisions and ideas for the brand since criticism is usually heavily shown amongst competitors and partners.


We wanted the ReikoforPCC brand to show modern, minimal while also portraying unity, equity, and confidence in Reiko. We chose a minimal and bright blue and a diamond-shaped element with a bird's eye view of three individuals hugging each other to represent equity and collectiveness. The diamond shape came from PCC's Logo without the sharp edges to signify safety and confidence. The client also wanted the site not to look overwhelming to people during the night, so we added a dark mode color palette.

Color Palette


Logo Design

Reiko for PCC Logo White
Reiko for PCC Logo White
Reiko for PCC Logo Dark
Reiko for PCC Logo Dark
Reiko for PCC T Shirt
Reiko for PCC T Shirt
Reiko for PCC Phone X
Reiko for PCC Phone X


Having to work with clear intention and having the client be confident in me as a designer and problem solver made it a lot easier to communicate and evolve the brand to success.

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