A Weekly Video Series focused on PCC's resources in an educative way.

PCC Cascade Multicultural Center
Jan 2017


This was a project focused on educating topics in regards to Portland Community College Cascade's resources in an entertaining way. Our main audience were Portland Community College Students and Instructors.

Videos were recorded and animated every Monday and published every Friday onto Youtube's Platform.


Because we had limited staff resources and had no equipment to start, we had to be very strategic in how we spend our time as well as where we gather the equipment and room (Since the surrounding rooms are noisy) to make this video happen once a week.


  • Creating a consistent workflow was essential, this allowed me to make time to find alternatives to software and equipment.
  • In regards to the design and development of the videos, we created a brand that is both very professional and also fun at the same time.


When the idea was first proposed, we wanted to have a brand identity that represented educational and professional while at the same time not coming off as "too professional" or "boring" we also wanted to include design elements from the Multicultural Center. We ended looking at a type-based logo with the hands and graduation caps elements from the Multicultural Center Logo in the background.

Having the ED with the Graduation cap icon in the logo became the small logo version of Edutainment which we used in all our promotional materials for this video series.

The best thing about this project was envisioning the different platforms and mediums this logo and video would be on, such as in digital signage, on Youtube, etc...

Color Palette



Edutainment Full Logo on White
Edutainment Full Logo on White
Edutainment Full Logo on Dark
Edutainment Full Logo on Dark
Edutainment Small Logo on White
Edutainment Small Logo on White
Edutainment Small Logo on Dark
Edutainment Small Logo on Dark

Edutainment Motion Graphics

Animation Process

ED Animation Step Process
ED Animation Step Process

Edutainment Events Animation Storyboard - The most difficult thing about this project was conveying change and constant movement.

Edutainment on Youtube
Edutainment on Youtube

I really enjoyed doing the Social Media Animations for the Ending Edutainment Screen.


This was a huge success and had a lot of viewers from all PCC Campuses ( Cascade, South East, Rock Creek, Sylvania ) we were quickly approached to create video series in regards to different campus events and projects in our Edutainment weekly videos.

Final Thoughts

In regards to my final thoughts about this project, is that this was one of the most difficult and most rewarding projects I've done. The pressure and growth that I've learned from working on this project were immense, I learned how to communicate effectively my ideas and priorities as well as how to take criticism and destructure the ideas and points to improve the product through video and design materials.

From working with technical issues such as camera options and framerate to making sure that the product I'm designing adheres to the problem we are trying to solve, which is making it educative and entertaining to students and professors while making sure that the content isn't convoluted and confusing, this made me grow as a designer and problem solver.

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